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Frk. jacobsen: Lobsters LP

Frk. jacobsen: Lobsters LP

Frk. jacobsen: Lobsters


Lobsters is the solo debut EP by Anja Jacobsen.

On this release she invites the listener into a highly personal and imaginative universe. Constantly, she works in the musical and emotional in-betweens - between earthbound realistic settings and cosmic abstractions, between sweet dreams and nightmares, between melodic pop notions and avantgarde explorations. The EP moves from ritualistic percussive patterns and Ethiopic spy funk to lo-fi synthesizer dance pop and into a Thai gangster New Age fantasy - all the way with Frk. Jacobsen as an off road targeted pilot.

Anja Jacobsen is also drummer in the band Selvhenter, leader of Valby Vokalgruppe and composer/arranger in Oum, a music performance about the legendary Egyptian singer Oum Kulthoum, created in cooperation with Sara Hamming. Anja Jacobsen is co-founder of the Danish art collective Eget Værelse, see:

Side A

1. Brain Piece 5.24

2. Thick Air 3.07

Side B

3. Dr. Riddle 4.20

4. Lobsters 5.49

5. Healing Force 2.52

Artist: Frk. Jacobsen

Title: Lobsters

Format: 12” vinyl EP incl. mp3 download code, should be played at 45 rpm

Label: Eget Værelse

Distribution: Rillbar Distribution

Catalogue Number: JACOBSEN01

Cover: Katrine Hoffmeyer, hand printed with screen printing and etching

Mix: Andreas Pallisgaard and Anja Jacobsen

Master: Andreas Pallisgaard

100 DKK

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