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Jaleh Negari: Arch Waves LP

Jaleh Negari: Arch Waves LP

Jaleh Negari: Arch Waves


Arch Waves is drummer & composer Jaleh Negari's debut solo album with pieces mainly for percussion and synthesizers.

The music whirls around circular meditations, drone based overtone phasing and minimalistic patterns. The album contains a mix of solo pieces, such as the keys&synth-suite (Sind [Pakistan], SKSP. Shifts On Take Off and Ocea), and more layered and cut-up works such as Clouds, Sval and Inward/Outward. Clouds is a piece for three alto saxophones, whileGong is written for 4 gongs and 2 synthesizers.

Jaleh Negari is also drummer in the bands Selvhenter and Pinkunoizu and active in various other collaborations, also working with performance, dance, theater- and film music.

Artist: Jaleh Negari

Title: Arch Waves

Format: 12” vinyl incl. mp3 download code

Label: Eget Værelse

Release date : 30th october 2016

Distribution: Rillbar Distribution

Digital Distribution: Phonofile

Catalogue Number: JNLP01

Music by: Jaleh Negari

Mix & Master: Andreas Pallisgaard

Cover Art: Negari & Pallisgaard

Side A:

01 Sval

02 Gong

03 Inward/Outward

04 Clouds

05 Bølger og Prikker

06 Gentagelsen Forskel

Side B:

07 Sind [Pakistan]

08 SKSP. Shifts On Take Off

09 Ocea

10 Espeløv

150 DKK