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Selvhenter: Motions of Large Bodies LP

Selvhenter: Motions of Large Bodies LP

Selvhenter: Motions of Large Bodies

Motions of Large Bodies is the successor to Selvhenter's first full length album Frk. B. Fricka, which was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize 2012 and paved the way for Selvhenter on the international music scene.

With Motions of Large Bodies Selvhenter has taken their music to a new level in terms of nuances in sound and composition. The album has been recorded and produced by Aske Zidore, who is at the moment one of the most prominent Danish producers of alternative music. The sound on the album has a glamorous touch, at times almost like a pop-production, complimenting the musical sound of Selvhenter, which is still raw and energetic arising somewhere from the core of the earth.

The opening tune 'Golden Boy' has a groovy, danceable beat, while the horns and violin are soaring into the sky with drones and long stretched melodies. The tune sets off the trance-like road trip that will continue throughout the album with some interesting, at times surprising, detours. Motions of Large Bodies still contains Selvhenter's speciality of strong riff-based tunes like 'Tribute' and drone-like, rhythm centered journeys like 'Late Night Ferry'. But a new funky element is rising on a tune like 'Les Femmes d'Affaires' while Selvhenter's characteristic open minded playfulness is to be recognized all over the album. Selvhenter has begun to experiment with the sounds of synthesizers and keyboards, which give the music a new flavor and challenge the timbre of the horns. A strong element throughout Motions of Large Bodies is a center force in the polyrhythmic patterns of the two drummers, creating a danceable foundation for the many colors of exploring sounds and melodies from saxophone, trombone and violin.

Motions of Large Bodies has been recorded at Mayhem, a legendary concert- and workspace for experimental music in Copenhagen, where Selvhenter has been working for the past four years.

Selvhenter consists of Maria Bertel (trombone, keyboard, synthesizer), Sonja LaBianca (saxophone, keyboard), Maria Diekmann (violin), Jaleh Negari (drums, keyboard, percussion) and Anja Jacobsen (drums, percussion). The five members of the band are all active composers and musicians on the Copenhagen experimental music scene in projects like Pinkunoizu, Ymers Pizza, Frk. Jacobsen, Gud Er Kvinde, Diekmann, Valby Vokalgruppe and Choir Of Young Believers.

Selvhenter formed in 2007 as a trio of violin, saxophone and trombone. In 2008 the band expanded with two drummers. Selvhenter released their first full-length album Frk. B. Fricka in 2012, produced by legendary guitarist and film music composer PeterPeter.

Selvhenter has played at clubs and festivals all over Europe and Japan, including including Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Roskilde Festival (DK), Kongsberg Jazzfestival (NO), Iceland Airwaves (IS), Wels Unlimited 26, Konfrontationen (AT), Sonic Protest, Festival Météo, Les Rendez-Vous de l’Erdre (FR), Ubjuda Jazz Festival (HU), Hamburgsund Clandestino Botnik Festival, Moderna Museet Malmö (SE), Turku H2Ö Festival (FI), Berghain Kantine, Fusion Festival (DE), Bad Bonn Kilbi (CH), Next Festival (SK), Rumor Festival (NL), Les Ateliers Claus (BE), Raw Power Festival, Birmingham Supersonic Festival, Café OTO (UK), Jazz Jantar, Off Festival (PL), as well as a Japan tour in the fall of 2012.

In 2010, the members of Selvhenter founded the art collective and record label Eget Værelse (A room of one's own) – a platform for the projects they create together or individually, see:

Side A:

01 Golden Boy

02 Tribute

03 Mos Def

04 Late Night Ferry

05 Dogs

Side B:

06 Stirb Langsam

07 Spirituel Vækstpakke

08 Les Femmes d'Affaires

09 Balinesisk Ruder

10 Wolfgang

Cover: Eva la Cour

Mix: Aske Zidore and Selvhenter

Producer: Aske Zidore

Master: Andreas Pallisgaard

150 DKK