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Valby Vokalgruppe: Bah New Era LP

Valby Vokalgruppe: Bah New Era LP

Valby Vokalgruppe: Bah New Era


Bah New Era is an album by Valby Vokalgruppe, released on the label Eget Værelse (A room of one's own). Anja Jacobsen, the leader of the group, founded Valby Vokalgruppe in 2008 as an experiment into what it is possible to do with voices together. What started as pure voice experiment has developed into a band that includes voices, keyboards, effect pedals and percussion - still with the voice as starting point for all compositions.

Bah New Era is heralding this new era for Valby Vokalgruppe and is produced in cooperation with producer and guitarist Oliver Hoiness.

Bah New Era is playfully moving across the borders of conventional musical genres, using the voices as the rhythmical basis of the songs. Through voices and keyboards Valby Vokalgruppe explores minimalistic trance patterns, pop melodies with lyrics on top of old school hip hop beats and improvised cuts over strictly composed pieces – using the voices as instruments and the instruments as voices.

Artist: Valby Vokalgruppe

Title: Bah New Era

Format: 12” 180 g. vinyl incl. mp3 download code

Label: Eget Værelse

Distribution: Rillbar Distribution

Catalogue Number: VALBYLP01

Cover: Anja Jacobsen

Mix: Oliver Hoiness and Valby Vokalgruppe

Master: Andreas (Lupo) Lubich

Side A

01 Hændelseshorisont (5:22)

02 The Master (2:00)

03 Bah (opsendelse) (5:03)

04 Newana Le Tenore (2:18)

05 Dawning, the valley (5:09)

Side B

06 Regnbuen (5:32)

07 The Secret Wife (1:42)

08 We Came Through (4:59)

09 Efter Internettet (3:32)

10 Bah (landing) (3:29)

Lil Lacy: voice, keyboard

Cæcilie Trier: voice, keyboard

Sonja LaBianca: voice, keyboard, saxophone

Anja Jacobsen: voice, keyboard, percussion

Oliver Hoiness: guitar (01 and 08)

Toke Tietze Mortensen: treatment of Bah (landing)

All music and text by Anja Jacobsen except 'Regnbuen' by Sonja LaBianca.

Arrangement by Valby Vokalgruppe.

150 DKK