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Valby Vokalgruppe: De Syv Mundes Fest 10" vinyl

Valby Vokalgruppe: De Syv Mundes Fest


De Syv Mundes Fest (The Feast of the Seven Mouths) is the debut EP by Valby Vokalgruppe.
The release is a curious experiment into what it is possible to do with voices together. The music often has rhythmical patterns and close harmonics as a starting point, resulting in a meditative trance-like sound scape. Some of the songs have a minimalistic approach focusing on one tone while others have texts and melodies put together in a collage. The music is playful as well as highly concentrated.

In 2010 Valby Vokalgruppe consisted of Sonja LaBianca, Cæcilie Trier, Maja Zander Fisker, Maria Bertel, Felia Gram-Hanssen, Jaleh Negari and Anja Jacobsen.

Anja Jacobsen, the leader of the group, founded Valby Vokalgruppe in 2008 as an experiment into what it is possible to do with the voice and with voices together. What started as pure experiment for voices has during the years developed into a band that includes voices, keyboards, effect pedals and percussion, but still with the voice as starting point for all compositions.

Artist: Valby Vokalgruppe

Title: De Syv Mundes Fest

Format: 10” vinyl incl. mp3 download code

Label: Eget Værelse

Distribution: Rillbar Distribution

Catalogue Number: VALBY01

Cover: Anders Lauge Meldgaard and Anja Jacobsen

Mix: Anders Lauge Meldgaard and Valby Vokalgruppe

Lacquer Cut: Andreas (Lupo) Lubich

Side A:
01 Gøgen Fra Kina (2:00)
02 The Shooting (1:37)
03 Manamana (5:30)

Side B:
04 Ha (3:00)
05 Helvedesblomster (3:59)
06 Sønderjysk Wowow (2:56)
07 Let's Not Speak Heart Went Out (1:49)

110 DKK